How to plan a Bollywood wedding

A Bollywood wedding is a great way to spice up your special day, and make your wedding the talk of town for months to come. If planned and done correctly, this kind of a wedding will be memorable and even for years to come, you’ll always remember of it with a smile. However, you’ll need to plan adequately, and ensure everything is in place long before the actual day. The below considerations should always be on your finger tips;

  1. Know what you want; do you want to invite a Bollywood dance crew to entertain guests in the evening party, or during the whole event? You should always know where you want them to step in; doing so will help you know which the best troupe to pick is.
  2. Indian Foods; A full Bollywood wedding is more than just inviting a Bollywood dance troupe to entertain guests; go the extra step and also serve your guests delicious Indian foods! Let the Bollywood theme be present in all aspects. The drinks too should be traditional where possible, in order to have guests feel and try a new culture.
  3. Booking; there are numerous Bollywood dancers and performers who perform in weddings. Research widely, and pick one that you feel is the best to grace your wedding. You’ll get many websites online with details of these performers. They come dressed in traditional attire, and their performances are emotional and well choreographed.
  4. Get assistance; you can also seek the services of wedding planning companies that specialize in arranging Bollywood weddings! These companies will even suggest the best venues that reflect the Indian culture and also suggest the best Bollywood performers around.


Bollywood wedding entertainment can and will go a long way in making your wedding spectacular, and leave your guests thoroughly entertained.

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