Computer and Internet Threats in Modern Days

In this modern age the use of computers and internet is widespread. Statistics from several surveys conducted within the last one year image-computer_technologyindicate that at least two members of a family of for use both internet and a computer every day.

The use of internet and computers has defied boundaries of age, ethnicity, religion or race. Everybody is using them for one reason or another. Like every good thing, computer and internet use have their threats. These threats have infiltrated the society. The society is ailing from an epidemic that sees no cure in the recent future. Some of these threats include;

  • Terrorism

Due the advanced technology being used in computers today, terror activity has increased in the world. This is because terrorists can now direct missiles over large distances using computers. They can also easily conduct surveillance on security personnel using high technology computers and the internet.

  • Espionage

In modern days the rates of people committing crimes of espionage are steadily increasing. This is also being facilitated by the use of state of the art computers and the internet. Individuals and organizations are stealing corporate secrets by hacking into servers of other institutions.

  • Crime rise

Internet and computer use in modern days has also facilitated the rise in crime rates all over the world. People are being swindled by being persuaded to take part in online dealings. Banks have also lost a lot of money through this way.


Although using internet and computers is good, not everyone is using them positively. Some people have turned them into agents of destruction.


As you use internet and computers, be very careful. Do not misuse them because they are meant to help make life easier. Take care of the people who you meet online. Not everyone out there has your best interests at heart. to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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