What Is the Difference between Animal Rights and Welfare?

To many people, there’s hardly any difference between animal rights and animal welfare; as long as they both advocate for happy animal lives, then that’s it. However, a closer look into both reveals some striking similarities as well as extremely divergent differences. Below are some interesting points you should consider pondering about in order to understand just what is the difference between an animal rights advocate and animal welfare advocate;

  • Basically, animal rights activist advocate believe that animals do not belong to us, whether for food, entertainment, friendship, clothing, scientific experimenting, and so on so forth. Animal welfare activists on the other hand say that the above practices with animals are OK, as long as everything is done in a humane way.
  • Secondly, it is worth understanding that animal welfare advocates often deal with ensuring that homeless, injured or abused animals find shelter and comfort. This includes offering shelter to animals left homeless in the streets, abused animals like those used in dog fights, or stray cats.

This is Andrew Charalambous

  • An animal rights activist believes that animals have inherent rights that are similar to those of human beings; as such, these rights cannot be sacrificed or compromised simply because we as humans are benefiting.
  • Animal welfare advocates are of the opinion that animals can be used to perform in circuses and shows, as long as they are not suffering or being mistreated. An animal right activist on the other hand frowns at such a thought, deeming the mere presence of an animal in a public gathering as a gross violation of its privacy and as an emotional torture.
  • Some have summed up the differences between an animal right activist and animal welfare activist this way; both mean well for animals, but the former are extremists while the former are moderates.
  • Some animal right advocates have gone as far as stating that animals deserve equal respect. According the words of a renowned animal rights activist, “There is no rational basis for saying that a human being has special rights. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. They’re all mammals.”
  • All in all, what’s important to understand is that while the two may have some differences in the philosophies that guide them, both do a great job of ensuring that animals get the respect and dignity they deserve.

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How to plan a Bollywood wedding

A Bollywood wedding is a great way to spice up your special day, and make your wedding the talk of town for months to come. If planned and done correctly, this kind of a wedding will be memorable and even for years to come, you’ll always remember of it with a smile. However, you’ll need to plan adequately, and ensure everything is in place long before the actual day. The below considerations should always be on your finger tips;

  1. Know what you want; do you want to invite a Bollywood dance crew to entertain guests in the evening party, or during the whole event? You should always know where you want them to step in; doing so will help you know which the best troupe to pick is.
  2. Indian Foods; A full Bollywood wedding is more than just inviting a Bollywood dance troupe to entertain guests; go the extra step and also serve your guests delicious Indian foods! Let the Bollywood theme be present in all aspects. The drinks too should be traditional where possible, in order to have guests feel and try a new culture.
  3. Booking; there are numerous Bollywood dancers and performers who perform in weddings. Research widely, and pick one that you feel is the best to grace your wedding. You’ll get many websites online with details of these performers. They come dressed in traditional attire, and their performances are emotional and well choreographed.
  4. Get assistance; you can also seek the services of wedding planning companies that specialize in arranging Bollywood weddings! These companies will even suggest the best venues that reflect the Indian culture and also suggest the best Bollywood performers around.


Bollywood wedding entertainment can and will go a long way in making your wedding spectacular, and leave your guests thoroughly entertained.

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Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate-Video-ProductionVideo production services have hit the corporate market with a storm. A few years back such services were an alien thing. Such is not the case today. Organizations everywhere are contracting video production services from the many video production companies springing up all over the place. The corporate world is in a scramble for these services but they are hardly obtainable.

Video production services have due to high demand been classified into corporate packages. These packages contain an overall of services that accompany video production efficiently. They are more convenient for professionals who do not have time to run around obtaining each service from an entirely different team.

Corporate Video production services involve three main stages namely;

  • Concept development

This is the first and most crucial stage. The video production company the does Corporate Video production comes up with a concept that guides the rest of the production.  Development of a viable concept is the only sure way of ensuring video production. The concept developed should be in line with the organizational style and theme.

  • Production

This is the second stage. Here, all the developed concepts are put to task. This is where all the hard work is done. It involves filming, editing and production among other processes. It is also at his stage that most money is used. Video production is a costly affair. Therefore, restraint should be observed and all excesses done away with.

  • Post-production services

This is the third and final stage. At this stage, follow-up is done on the video. It is where final touches are affected. Here feedback concerning the video can be obtained. All the loose ends are tied here. It is here that evaluations can be carried out to find out the impact of the video on its target audience. If results are not appealing, strategies are put in place.


Contrary to popular belief, corporate video production services are cost effective. If wise planning is undertaken, the costs are affordable. It is important for organizations to contract video production services because they really help to save on a lot of variables involved in the process. It is time to embrace corporate video production.


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SEO consultancy and it’s importance in 2015

SEO-CONSULTANCYSEO services are one of the most important area that every business owner should be considering these days. Because only if you commercial websites ranks on the SERP’s and yes on top 3 spots you get the leads, sales and calls you want to run a thriving business that’s profitable.

There are so many SEO services consultants in the world and in cities like London you can see ton of people offering search engine optimization services. But how can you find the best and who are the best services providers that can truly help you get the budge?

Why is SEO important for you business in 2015?

  1. All your target audience is searching online
  2. your competitors are ranking on the web for money terms
  3. basically customers, prospects search online for what you offer

Watch the video below that explains why you needs to hire an SEO Consultancy professional in 2015?

Now you can see that there is huge importance in hiring a good SEO consultancy services provider that can guide your business online and help you get the desired ranks that are going to directly help you in getting more sales and build a  thriving business in the digital economy.

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Computer and Internet Threats in Modern Days

In this modern age the use of computers and internet is widespread. Statistics from several surveys conducted within the last one year image-computer_technologyindicate that at least two members of a family of for use both internet and a computer every day.

The use of internet and computers has defied boundaries of age, ethnicity, religion or race. Everybody is using them for one reason or another. Like every good thing, computer and internet use have their threats. These threats have infiltrated the society. The society is ailing from an epidemic that sees no cure in the recent future. Some of these threats include;

  • Terrorism

Due the advanced technology being used in computers today, terror activity has increased in the world. This is because terrorists can now direct missiles over large distances using computers. They can also easily conduct surveillance on security personnel using high technology computers and the internet.

  • Espionage

In modern days the rates of people committing crimes of espionage are steadily increasing. This is also being facilitated by the use of state of the art computers and the internet. Individuals and organizations are stealing corporate secrets by hacking into servers of other institutions.

  • Crime rise

Internet and computer use in modern days has also facilitated the rise in crime rates all over the world. People are being swindled by being persuaded to take part in online dealings. Banks have also lost a lot of money through this way.


Although using internet and computers is good, not everyone is using them positively. Some people have turned them into agents of destruction.


As you use internet and computers, be very careful. Do not misuse them because they are meant to help make life easier. Take care of the people who you meet online. Not everyone out there has your best interests at heart. to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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